Name of the service

UCT Filesender –

Controller of the personal data file and a contact

Information & Communication Technology Services


The purpose of the processing of personal data

UCT FileSender offers an easy and a secure way to share large files with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Personal data and log files are used for

  • user authorization
  • automated sending of email messages necessary for use of the service
  • monitoring the load and capacity of the server and the network
  • working out technical problems and investigating abuse of the service
  • statistics and development of the service

Processed data

The following personal information is fetched from the Identity Provider server via the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE), from your home organization every time you log in to the service:

  • email address
  • unique ID to identify the user (eduPersonPrincipalName, see SAFIRE Attributes)

When sharing a file via this service, the following data is stored in the database and/or logs:

  • email addresses of the recipients
  • name and size of the shared file
  • sender's IP address
  • sender's message to the recipients (if given)
  • timestamp

Attribute release consent

This service authenticates users to their home organization via SAFIRE, and when a user logs into this service via SAFIRE, SAFIRE acts as an operator on behalf of its participants who are the responsible party. As part of this, it collects information about the user’s consent to release personal information from their home organization to another service provider (in this case, UCT Filesender).

SAFIRE provides a mechanism for the user to withdraw such consent Here

Principles of protecting personal data

TLS technology is used to protect personal data. The personal data file is protected by personal user accounts and authorisation of administrators. The server is protected by firewall and servers are regularly patched with the latest security patches.

Disclose of personal data to third parties

Personal data is not disclosed to third parties.


Contact your home organisation at the contact information above to correct personal data that may be incorrect.